is called like our project and our website. This subpage does not want to explain everything, but it does want to contribute to the necessary clarification: What actually is socioculture? And why is it so desirable in Duisburg that we fight so hard for it?


of all those who are already socially and culturally active in Duisburg, among each other and beyond the borders of our city: This is an essential goal of our three-year project and also (finally) of this website. First of all, we should all know about each other, get to know each other, exchange ideas and finally think together if and how we want to make ourselves collectively visible.


we also want to produce primarily as analog. As part of our work, these are events where we publicly share experiences, knowledge and thoughts.


is our mainly offline magazine, which we produce, print and publish twice a year. It is about Duisburg as a historical to future space of possibilities and about what else the authors want to tell about and agitate for. The print version is decisive, but here it is also available as a PDF.


is the appropriate title for our historical work. We are by far not the first ones here: not as socially & culturally active people, not as people fighting for cultural policy, certainly not as people who have been individually and socially committed in Duisburg. We look for very diverse role models and present them in film portraits.


Yes, this is actually a weblog and is also published digitally on social media. Here we report at least twice/month on what is currently on our minds or those of our partners, or we react to current debates initiated elsewhere and comment on them.


That’s how it looks here right now, that’s how we start and invite you cordially to read and then to write and to participate and finally to work together. Our plan is that in the next year and a half this site will turn into a common platform of all socially and culturally active places, groups, initiatives in Duisburg. At least as a landing page for all those who also want to become active in Duisburg. Before for all of us who already are.

For this we will contact you soon. Or very gladly yours also with us!
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See you soon somewhere in Duisburg, cordially

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