thinking spaces

We established the principle of public thinking spaces in April 2019 in our “utopian pre-enactment” for a socio-cultural center in Duisburg-Mitte in the project store “47”. To educate ourselves, to learn from each other, to listen to people who were willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us.

In February 2020, we initiated another thinking space on the topic “Duisburg what are you dreaming of?” at DJäzz.

Within the framework of “Socioculture for Duisburg” we have so far organized two public thinking spaces in the local Harmonie:

In November 2021 “Sweet Strolling” – with Prem Lüers from Duisburg and Birte Bickschäfer from the legendary Café Kurz in Ruhrort.

In January 2022 “IGA with H” – a knowledge and strategy exchange on the topic of the International Garden Exhibition 2027 in Hochfeld.

We are planning additional public thinking spaces starting in the summer of 2022 at Lokal Harmonie, Stapeltor, and other locations in the city.

If you would like to organize your own thinking spaces on socio-cultural topics, please contact us!

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